Enter Laughing (So Long, 174th Street)

Just got home from the York Theatre's staged reading of a favorite of mine, So Long, 174th Street. They changed the name back to Enter Laughing, the book on which the play, then the musical was based. It was a very exciting performance, not the least of which was that Joe Stein, the book writer was in the audience. Needless to say, I had a ball. What a funny book and terrific score.... every song is a specialty number. I saw the original production in 1976 with Robert Morse, Loni Ackerman, Barbara Lang and George S. Irving. Tonight, part of the excitement, and one of the real reasons I came was that George S. Irving was back to reprise his classic Butler's Song. A moment I will always cherish from the original. He looked not a moment older and killed with every word he spoke, and a few that were unspoken. What an original, what a pro! It is times like this one is proud to be in the business. Thank you George for your inspiration.