Getting Busy

I have been keeping very busy lately and the Winter looks to be confusing to say the least. Just performed at a fund raiser for the Spirit of Broadway Theater in Norwich, CT. The theatre in which I performed the show, "One Hundred Years Into the Heart." What a joy that show was, working with Maureen Pollard and Nick Dalton, and new mom Stace Kingston. I reprised a couple of the songs and the same old feelings re-surfaced. A great night for all.
Grumpy Old Men is moving right along. The new musical was done in a reading. I had the good luck to work with George Hearn, Christopher Lloyd, Adrienne Barbeau, Carol Kane, Garret Morris. The ensemble were all amazing performers. George and I went out one night for a drink and we bumped into Mel Brooks and Tom Meehan and chatted with them for a bit.
I will be appearing in the TRU festival the second week of December in "Saratoga Trunk Songs," David Arthur's send up of "cut" songs from famous Broadway shows.
Then in January, I will direct "How to Succeed...." at Stamford High School. I am looking forward to that. They have a terrific program.
In the middle of all this, I am trying to get my house finished. As soon as it is, I am going to have a big party. Let me know if you want to come.