Fall is Rising

Well, fall is upon us and the hue of my garden is changing yet again. The summer flowers and shrubs are giving way to a stronger breed of plant. However, beautiful and lovely none the less.
Just yesterday finished a reading for the New York Musical Theatre Festival. The show, TOP OF THE HEAP, written by William Squier and Jeff Lodin, was directed by Karen Carpenter. The cast included Peter Scolari (Bosom Buddies, Newhart) & Eddie Korbich.
I have just started teaching a class in Musical Theatre. It is a great group of people and a joy of which to be a part. Makes you feel as if you are truly helping people ....adding to their lives.
Next on the menu is GRUMPY OLD MEN, the musical. I will be a part of the recording in October and then the reading in November. As of now, George Hearn will be reprising his role from the Los Angeles reading. It is a very exciting project and a thrill to be a part of from the beginning. More details on the show to follow.