I'm back. Did you know I was gone?

What a wonderful weekend I had in Washington, DC. I was performing my Legends of Vaudeville show across the street from the white house at the Smithsonian Institution's Renwick Gallery. If you want to learn more about that show visit the website.
For some reason my garden is blooming amazingly already. The Clematis exploded this year as are the strawberries. I will let you know when the raspberries are out. Finally, there are grapes on my vines.... it has taken a few years but I can't wait to eat them.
Just saw Mr Smith Goes to Washington again. Jimmy Stewart, my gosh, what else need be said.
Forgot to mention the unbelievable bunch of kids at Trumbull High School. I musical directed Pirates of Penzance there in the early spring. I don't know how they learned it all, but they did, and the audience adored it. They always surprise me. What a thrill it was. You should have heard Hail Poetry. I would say the credit goes to Jessica Spillane who put it all together and directed the show.